Your website has two goals. First is to get visitors interested in your business to call you or submit their information. Second is to educate and convince your potential clients that you are a better choice than any provider in the area.

Most window tint businesses believe that they can just buy a flashy, new website or build themselves a DIY website and get more clients. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over 80% of residential clients will check a contractor’s website before deciding whether or not to hire them. Your website doesn’t need to be flashy, but it cannot be amateurish. There are specific formulas and conversion elements that MUST be in place for you website to effectively turn visitors into paying customers

We test, tweak, tone and optimize our client’s websites and landing pages so they rank high on Google, display properly on every device and convert at the highest levels to attract the clients they want.


The perfect client-getting website and high-converting landing pages are useless unless your ideal potential customers are visiting it! When a potential customer searches for “residential window tint” or “window film near me” or “window tinting for my home” or any of the keywords related to your business, it is crucial that your business appears at the top of the results. We optimize your website and web presence so you show up whenever your potential clients are looking for your in your service area.

Our proven Google and Social Media Advertising campaigns target your ideal clients at the right time when they are most likely to purchase your products and services. No matter the platform, we’ve know how to get your business in-front of potential clients in your city and service areas.

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Customers that visit your website are among the warmest possible leads for your business, but often they are not ready to buy the first time they visit. In order to capitalize on the increased traffic that we attract to your website, we must continue to stay in front of those potential customers as much as possible.

Our Omnipresence Retargeting service offers a unique campaign structure that creates an enormous volume of ads of different types, across different platforms to ensure you stay top-of-mind with your potential customers at all times.

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The world of online marketing is constantly changing. That’s why we never rest on our laurels. We track, measure and optimize all your marketing campaigns constantly to ensure your web presence continues to grow, your phone continues to ring, you are booking more appointments and winning more jobs every month.

The majority of window tint businesses do not have the systems in place to track where their clients are coming from online. They are forced to hope and pray that their marketing efforts are working and have no mechanisms to determine which efforts are successful and which are not. Our bleeding edge tracking and measurement technology lets us study your visitors, leads and customers to determine what traffic sources turned them into a phone call or form submission.

We work with our Window Tint clients to institute best sales practices to turn more leads into customers and more customers into raving fans. We leverage our exclusive follow up system, automated appointment booking system and integrated call center for Window Tint businesses so that no lead goes unanswered and not opportunity falls through the cracks.We connect with your leads immediately by phone, text, email and voicemail so they know you mean business. We help you succeed and evolve on all levels.

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